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Most Interior Designers Struggle To Build A Successful Career Because...

  • They lack the technical knowledge & confidence
  • Their understanding about interior designing is not clear
  • They are doing it alone
  • The struggle to stand out in a sea of interior designers
  • They lack the confidence to pursue clients
  • They don’t know how to work with clients

When you become a DrawPad certified interior designer, you’ll be able to confidently work on residential interior design for clients as well as yourself and build a successful interior designing business.


How To Become A DrawPad Certified Interior Designer


Comp Fill out an application

Expert Attend the certification training

Expert Become one of the world’s greatest interior designers

With DrawPad’s Residential Interior Design course, you’ll get…

  • An exclusive training with 20+ modules to equip you with all the interior designing knowledge you need to create beautiful residences
  • Training to become one of the world’s best residential interior designers
  • Enrollment in our 2-month residential interior design certification program where you’ll learn from one of our most successful interior designers
  • Access to a community of generous and helpful interior designers excited about your success
  • Access to exclusive career counseling to help you kickstart your career
  • Ability to create residential interior designs

Become One of the World’s Greatest Residential Interior Designers


Whether you want to start your own interior designing business or join a luxury interior designing firm as a residential interior designer or just create a beautiful residence for yourself, the DrawPad’s residential interior designing course will get you where you want to go.

DrawPad is one of the most trusted names in interior designing. Created by award-winning luxury interior designer Sapna Aggarwal (ANSA Interiors), DrawPad is helping interior designers gain the technical and practical skills they need. And the results are incredible. Most have better grasp over interior designing concepts, know how to deal with clients and are on their way to setting up their own successful interior design businesses.

Every day, hundreds of people discover the booming business of interior designing. Their villain is lack of in-depth knowledge about the field and they don’t know how to land paying clients or find a job in a successful interior design firm. They’re looking for a way to learn the theory & business side of interior designing.

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DrawPad is certifying a select number of interior designers each year. A DrawPad certified interior designer is equipped to find a job in interior design industry and to establish their own interior designing business.

DrawPad supports these interior designers with over 10 modules of interior designing lessons delivered by one of the best interior design coaches in India, delivered in LIVE training sessions with controlled batches to optimize learning.

To become a DrawPad Certified Guide:
1. Fill out an application
2. Attend the certification training
3. Become one of the world’s greatest interior designers

Without strong technical knowledge & know-how of dealing with clients, you’re just knocking doors with no success. Your clients are looking for an expert. They’re looking for the best interior designer that can design their home according to their style & budget and make it look better than their neighbors and relatives. Becoming a DrawPad certified interior designer is your path to delivering results for your clients while building the career of your dreams.

Apply to become a DrawPad certified residential interior designer today.


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A DrawPad Certification Will Make You The Most
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Make your dream of starting your own interior design business a reality by becoming a DrawPad certified interior designer. You’ll have an expertise to take on new clients & deliver results that will fetch you tens of referrals.


Freelance Interior
Designers Looking
To Grow

You don’t need a degree in interior designing to be a successful interior designer. Get the clients of your dreams when you learn from our interior designing course.


Your Job

Are you looking to upskill? You can become a certified interior designer and enhance your employability. We even have internship offers for the best candidates on completion!

Residential Design Certification

  • Pricing
  • Rs. 8999/-
  • Duration
  • 2 Months


DrawPad came into existence in mid of 2020. But we’ve 20+ years of experience in the interior design industry and have been nurturing young talent ever since.
This is a certification program powered by India’s best luxury interior designing firm ANSA Interiors. It’s not a government-certified program.
We’ve a discount on our 1-year program in case of annual payment. Our counsellors can inform you of any ongoing offers, if active.
We offer placement assistance by tapping into our network as well as guiding you through the process. We also offer internship opportunities to select number of student. But it all depends on your performance & natural ability to learn & land a job.
Our course are fully online, delivered via live classes.
ANSA is India’s top luxury interior designing firm led by Sapna Aggarwal & Ankush Aggarwal. ANSA has been featured in several magazines, design shows, and won many awards for their great work. You can find more about ANSA Interiors & their portfolio & achievements on their website.
Our courses are different than all other interior design online courses. Our lectures are live with a small batch to ensure your learning is optimum.
Please connect with our counsellor at +91-7303-889-449 about batch timings. We normally have afternoon and evening batches to ensure availability to all students including working professionals & students taking multiple courses at a time.