Learn the ins and outs of space planning with our 6-week Space Planning course ideal for civil engineers, architects and interior designers.

Week 1

  • Importance of space planning
  • Principles of space planning - centralized, linear, radial, clustered, & grid organization Zoning
  • Understanding the needs, likes and dislikes of the clients.

Week 2

  • Anthropometrics 1

Week 3

  • Anthropometrics 2

Week 4

  • Picking up a design style and preparing a mood board (only main features of any 5 design styles to be discussed in the class)

Week 5

  • Tools for space planning

Week 6

  • Tips & Tricks - how to treat large spaces
  • How to treat small spaces, dead corners, niches, space below the staircase
  • Latest trends and materials in residence design
  • Pricing
  • Rs.5999/-
  • Duration
  • 6 weeks

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About Us

At DrawPad design institute, our aim is to get you industry-ready. We teach you the technical and practical skills to get you ready to start your own interior design practice.

We deliver these courses in association with ANSA Interiors - a leading luxury interior design and architectural firm in Delhi NCR. ANSA has been an industry leader since about 2 decades now & is ready to nurture and create more talented interior designers.

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