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Expert Learn professional 3D computer graphics
full Beginner level training
scal Exclusive 3Ds Max course for beginners with certification

Most Interior Designers Struggle To Get Successful Because..

  • They lack the in-depth 3Ds Max knowledge
  • They don’t learn 3Ds Max properly
  • They fail to find professional 3Ds Max course

When you opt for Draw Pad’s 3Ds Max course online, you’ll be able to confidently create 3D models of your AutoCAD designs.


How To Apply For This Course


Comp Fill out an application

Expert Attend the certification training

Expert Become a 3Ds Max expert

With DrawPad’s 3Ds Max course for civil engineers, architects
and interior designers, you’ll get…

  • An exclusive 3-month training to teach you the ins and outs of 3Ds Max
  • An expertise in 3Ds Max
  • An in-depth knowledge of importing AutoCAD files & raising a 3D model, understanding 3D space, defining & transforming objects, lights, camera, & rendering & more.

Become One of the World’s Best 3Ds Max Experts


Whether you’re a civil engineer, an architect, an interior designer or a very beginner in the interior design industry, you’ll benefit from this 3Ds Max course online.

The Draw Pad is the leading interior design institute in India. Created by award-winning luxury interior designer Sapna Aggarwal (ANSA Interiors), DrawPad is helping interior designers & architects gain the technical and practical skills they need. And the results are incredible. Most have better grasp over basic 3Ds Max concepts, know how to use 3Ds Max for interior design and are on their way to become well-known 3Ds Max experts.

Every day, hundreds of people discover the booming business of interior designing. Their villain is lack of in-depth knowledge about the field and they don’t know how to land paying clients or find a job in a successful interior design firm. They NEED the practical trainings like this 3Ds Max online course.

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DrawPad is certifying a select number of interested professionals each year. A DrawPad certified 3Ds Max expert is equipped to find a job in interior design industry and to create winning professional drawings.

DrawPad supports these professionals with 3Ds Max lessons delivered by one of the best coaches in India, delivered in LIVE training sessions with controlled batches to optimize learning.

To become a DrawPad Certified 3Ds Max Expert:
1. Fill out an application
2. Attend the certification training
3. Become one of the world’s greatest 3Ds Max experts

Your clients and employers are looking for an expert. They’re looking for a true 3Ds Max expert. Becoming a DrawPad certified 3Ds Max expert is your path to delivering results for your clients while building the career of your dreams.

Apply to become a DrawPad certified 3Ds Max for interior design expert.


Want to hear from our current batch?
Here’s what they say!

A DrawPad Certification Will Make You The Most In-Demand 3Ds Max Expert Around. It’s best for

  • Beginners in Interior Design
  • Interior Designers & architects looking to upskill
  • Civil engineers looking for 3Ds Max expertise

3Ds Max For Civil Engineers, Architects and Interior Designers

  • Pricing
  • Rs. 9999/-
  • Duration
  • 3 Months


DrawPad came into existence in mid of 2020. But we’ve 20+ years of experience in the interior design industry and have been nurturing young talent ever since.
This is a certification program powered by India’s best luxury interior designing firm ANSA Interiors. It’s not a government-certified program.
We’ve a discount on our 1-year program in case of annual payment. Our counsellors can inform you of any ongoing offers, if active.
We offer placement assistance by tapping into our network as well as guiding you through the process. We also offer internship opportunities to select number of student. But it all depends on your performance & natural ability to learn & land a job.
Our course are fully online, delivered via live classes.
ANSA is India’s top luxury interior designing firm led by Sapna Aggarwal & Ankush Aggarwal. ANSA has been featured in several magazines, design shows, and won many awards for their great work. You can find more about ANSA Interiors & their portfolio & achievements on their website.
Our courses are different than all other interior design online courses. Our lectures are live with a small batch to ensure your learning is optimum.
Please connect with our counsellor at +91-7303-889-449 about batch timings. We normally have afternoon and evening batches to ensure availability to all students including working professionals & students taking multiple courses at a time.